Latston is the manufacturer of the laterite tiles and wall blocks. Latston tiles have been widely used for eco friendly construction and healthy living by new generation. Latston tiles are quality tested and convenient for interior and exterior constructions. Latston tile is the best alternative for cement less construction.

In olden times manual labour was necessary to make laterite stone available but the latest technology has made it easier to prepare these stones. We are specialized in laterite tiles with both glossy and mat finish for residential and commercial buildings. The fast moving product of Latston is cladding tiles.The best laterite stones are available in India is from North Kerala. We have tie ups with the laterite mines and our expert team collect the best stones from there.

We have tie ups with the laterite mines and our expert team collect the best stones from there.

Stone adhersive available in different grade.

Highly eco friendly and heat resistant.

No chemicals are being used at any time during manufacturing.

Cement motor or plastering is not needed while laying walls.

For mammoth multistoried edifices Latston is being applied for wall partition as low thickness blocks which provide room more spacious.

Various thickness blocks are available.

It gives added attraction to Villas and houses, totally built with Latston.



Cladding Tiles(Size - 12X7X1.25 inches)

Cladding tiles are used for cladding both interior and exterior walls. Laterite stones can give a house an earthy look without external plastering. It can be used for building, compound wall cladding, pillars, fountains etc. These tiles can also be used for renovating any types of old buildings.

Partition/ Paving Stones(Size- 12x7x4 inches)

These stones can be used for partitioning the cabins, which can make the cabins more spacious and chill. These stones are used for paving the courtyard also, which is stronger and more beautiful than concrete interlocks and long lasting and more over very eco-friendly.

Wall Block Stones(Size- 12x7x6/7 inches)

These stones are used for constructing buildings instead of bricks and other stones. When these stones are used, plastering and painting can be avoided and the stones very strong. It can save the cost of painting and plastering and gives building an elegant look. The room temperature will be very low inside the building that AC can be used seldom.

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